Is paying for TSA PreCheck worth it?

Published 10-16-2019

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Even on the most anticipated vacations, flying can be super stressful. Finishing up your packing and getting to the airport in time to check your bags is hectic enough, and then there is the biggest dread of all: having to deal with airport security. Fortunately, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a program specifically dedicated to helping trusted travelers move through airport security faster and with less hassle: TSA PreCheck.

Airport Security Secrets You Need to Know

TSA launched PreCheck in October 2011, allowing enrolled travelers to go through a separate, faster security screening process at the airport. To register, travelers must submit an application online with their personal information and schedule a 10-minute appointment at one of the 400 TSA PreCheck enrollment centers nationwide. At this appointment, enrollees will be submitted for a background check and fingerprinting in order to determine whether they are a "low-risk traveler."

Upon passing the background check and waiting two to three weeks, TSA PreCheck enrollees will receive a Known Traveler Number that they will have to enter when making flight reservations.

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